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Looks like this is a bug and has been fixed in 2017 CU30 and 2019 CU17. Error 2706 occurs when you run DBCC CHECKDB WITH EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS against a database by using the Table-Valued Function (...
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SQL Server XQuery Namepace

Have a look at Add namespaces to queries using WITH XMLNAMESPACES Your query should look something like this with xmlnamespaces('' as gml, 'http://www....
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SQL Server 2016 Transactional Replication with Service packs on 2 Servers

Yes, service packs and minor version differences actually don't usually matter as far as Replication compatibility is concerned. And with Transactional Replication, the requirement is that the ...
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Shrinking LDF with replication

We had to assume MSSQL log file are a broken system at this point and had to act before loosing anything. No help from Microsoft support could figure this out. Our current working solution was ...
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