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MS SQL Server DB Transaction Log Growth Rate

“The best time to monitor your instance was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb I recommend enabling the Query Store. Once you start collecting data, you can either use a ...
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MS SQL Server DB Transaction Log Growth Rate

How might I further my investigations? Given that you have no scheduled jobs to perform index actions, and no long running processes / transactions - next thing you could check is a number of Logical ...
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SQL Server user running SSIS package getting EXECUTE permissions error when they have that permission

When I granted EXECUTE permission on the stored proc specifically, it works from SSIS. The user been a member of db_executor database role (without specific object permissions) doesn't seem to be ...
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Do I need to stop Log backups when I stop data sync on AOAG?

so ,I have a database, part of AOAG between 2 servers. if I hit "stop data sync" secondary will stop receiving information from primary. If you do this on the primary database (suspend) ...
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Join other tables from comma separated value

You can use STRING_SPLIT in SQL Server 2016+. Something like this: SELECT d.ID AS DepID , d.NAME AS Dep , t.ID AS TeamID , t.NAME AS Team , tsk.TaskID , tsk.Task FROM ( SELECT tsk.ID AS ...
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Sql Max value from multiple columns in Computed Column

Living in the year 2022 or later? Use GREATEST and LEAST SQL Server 2022 adds support for ISO SQL's GREATEST and LEAST functions, which behave like the mathematical max and min functions respectively: ...
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