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Error updating temporal tables

Well -- it's still a problem in SQL 2019. But I did find one workaround: If you don't need explicit transactions, avoid BEGIN/COMMIT TRAN, and wrap the update logic using TRY/CATCH. --Run first query ...
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Error while trying to create a database for SSRS

If you are using developer edition then pull down the combo box and select developer. The box appeared to already say developer but it was not.
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Masking data for SA users

Azure PaaS is also a possibility. One of the cool things about Azure SQL Database in this scenario is that you don't need any production DBAs. So the owner of the Azure resource can be the data ...
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Managing very large VLF

Is there a way to get rid of this large VLF [...] The only way is to shrink the log to remove the VLF. [...] what the implications of having such a large VLF. It stays active for a long time and ...
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Masking data for SA users

As far as I'm aware if you need to hide data from everyone, including SA/Sysadmins then there's only 1 real option. Always Encrypted (Microsoft Learn | SQL) Always Encrypted is a feature designed to ...
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