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I wanted the current step number and name. I had restarted the job in step 42; it was showing me step 1. -- Show Currently running jobs and the current STEP NAME -- Borrowing from noted URLs, I added code to get STEP NAME of CURRENTLY RUNNING STEP, FINALLY!!! --


It seems there are many who has faced this issue in the past and they all have implemented one or the other work-around to get rid of it. Not documented at Microsoft site or presented by any known SME(Subject Matter Expert). First of all, I would say database mirroring is deprecated and will not be supported by Microsoft in near future, so you should plan to ...


For those like me who got here from Google: pscp now has a -hostkey option which can be used like this: pscp -P 22 -hostkey "ssh-ed25519 255 aa:bb:cc..." ... This eliminates the need for an interactive PuTTY session to store the host key. Here's what the documentation has to say: -hostkey key Specify an acceptable host public key. This option may ...


Go to connection properties -- type msdb instead of default under options > connection properties > Connect to Database > msdb -- then connect

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