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the first obvious solution could be the adoption of a SQL Server VM hosted on azure. You can move there databases and ssis packages in any traditional ways. This is an Azure Iaas solution and usually is the most expensive. You can reduce cost moving your on prem sql license wiht the "Bring Your own license" solution coming from software assurance ...


I concur with @dan Guzman's comment. You're likely overallocated on memory for SQL Server (and probably for the box itself). Unless you just have continuous package execution and/or suboptimal design patterns in play, that smells like the box will be happy with 1/4 of the resources - just make sure it has the best network speed (assuming data comes from ...


You can use SUBSTRING to pull apart the source. Then DATEFROMPARTS will stitch them back together. A few notes: dates are not held internally in that format, or any other date-like format. The question says the source is 6 characters but the example shows 8. If you need to find the century you'll have to decide on rules for that.

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