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It seems you are coming to SQL Server from Oracle background and hence looking for similar terminology. Incremental backup in Oracle is similar to that of differential backup in SQL Server. Below is definition of Incremental backup from Oracle: An incremental backup copies only those blocks in a data file that change between backups. A level 0 ...


There is no incremental backup in SQL server, however there is a transaction backup which is similar to incremental backup. SQL Server only supports three types of backup 1)Full 2)Differential 3)Transaction Log Syntax:Full Backup database database_name to disk='Physical location' with stats=10 Syntax:Differential Backup database database_name to disk='...


i achieved by following this post; How to get unmatched data between two sources in SSIS Data Flow? and here is my screen shot; by doing this, i am joining 2 different sources and splitting unmatched data than i insert into destination. i appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much.

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