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I'm using SSMS, aka Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Working late. Many SQL files open. Windows ran updates, rebooted the computer. When SSMS was restarted, it reopened some files, but not all of them, especially one in particular which I'd been working on for hours. This answer is based on another one for Visual Studio:


Under the default configuration, SQL Agent uses a virtual account, and can access remote resources using the Computer Account (YourDomain\YourServer$). If your server is dedicated to SQL Server, and you don't need multiple identities with different network privileges, then you don't need SQL Agent proxies at all. Just grant the Computer Account the ...


Very interesting question. You made me dive into the magic world of internet till I found this article about xp_cmdshell security. I found out a good guide for you about how to setup Proxy Accounts and make them work with SSIS. Is a bit old but so is the feature you want to use ;)


My guess is a firewall is blocking the account, I'd recommend working with your security team to establish a service account in your AD, assuming this is a corporate environment


I wanted to share some of the findings and success stories related to this long running saga. It is amazing what SSIS and ETL can do if you spend the time to learn it. It turns out that OPTION (RECOMPILE) has brute forced the issue and queries that used to take 4 minutes, now take 800 ms. Also poorly thought out hacks to get data from the source DB outside ...

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