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In SSMS 18.3, they added the option to turn off the completion time. Tools > Options > Query Execution > SQL Server > Advanced. Uncheck the Show Completion Time checkbox. Start a new query window and execute something... No completion time after query finishes. Yay!


I know this is an old question but this seems to be the sacrifice Intellisense is demanding. It is similar to the post linked to in @LowleyDBA's (arguably better) answer. Unlike the linked answer, this provides a safe and strong guarantee that your table will not be messed with that Intellisense likes. IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..##Example') IS NULL SELECT '0'...


I don't know of an easy implementation in standard SSMS, you could use sp_help / ALT F1 when hovering over the table to check what columns belong to the table. exec sp_help'dbo.table1' exec sp_help'dbo.table2' or selecting the table & pressing ALT+F1 Result These query shortcuts can be found in options - environment - keyboard - query shortcuts ...


While not native to SSMS, you could download and install the free version of SSMSBoost. While viewing your query, highlight the column in question, right-click and choose (Locate object in Object Explorer) The SSMS Object Explorer window will put the focus on the exact table and column.

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