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MSSQL Linked server login timeout

After checking every single aspect of it, I finally found the issue: For some reason our network guy set up a level 3 firewall rule in a Meraki filter for this specific IP causing only "1 way&...
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How do I get SSMS to use the relative path of the current script with :r in sqlcmd mode like SSDT does?

If you open the solution/project, and likely file, by using Windows Explorer, it will open a new SSMS instance using that folder as its working directory. :) Alternately, using the command line, and ...
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Management Studio all buttons disabled

Just experienced this and I had to shut down SSMS, once I did it gave me a warning a dialog was open, but I didn't have any open... Shutting it down and restarting it fixed the issue. If SQL doesn't ...
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