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SQL Server Management Studio "Key cannot be null" error when giving a specific user permissions on Stored Procedures

The problem was that the stored procedures had Writes written into them, and the user was a Read Only account. This error doesn't really point to that, but make sure the user has permissions to ...
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.DTSX package is there a way to wrap a workflow into a transaction

You can read about SSIS transactions here. Configure a package to use a single transaction In this option, the package itself initiates a single transaction. You configure the package to initiate ...
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import extended properties of sql server database from xls file

The TSQL script way of adding an Extended property is via sp_addextendedproperty Slightly altered example from the documentation: USE AdventureWorks2022; GO EXEC sp_addextendedproperty @name = N'...
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Connection string for a successful SSMS connection

SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) does not directly reveal the exact connection string it uses in its UI. However, you can recreate the connection string by first following these steps to ensure ...
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Management Studio all buttons disabled

Select and highlight your Query Then RightClick and select [ Execute ] It runs your query, and brings the Execute button back to life.
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Microsoft SQL Server Import Export Wizard on Remote SQL Server

The code executes on the machine where you run the wizard. So, no, the GUI will not allow, by itself, a "remote execution". There are other ways to go about this. Being on the same server, I ...
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How to modify filepath of a database file that is inside a file group

Both options are incorrect. For the first option newfilepath do not exists. Use FILENAME instead From Move User Databases (Microsoft Learn | SQL) ALTER DATABASE mydatabase_name MODIFY FILE ( ...
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Enable Toolbox window in SQL Server Management Studio

You may also use Win+V to see your last 20 entries in the clipboard for a comfortable Library of your latest code. Just paste it by clicking on the desired snipped.
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