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Is it possible to filter the list of databases in the Object Explorer of the SSMS?

I use SSMS 18 and yes, I can filter the list of databases. My first step every morning is to filter to show only databases with the _DEV suffix. Also, the above answer omits the ability to filter by ...
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Run MSSQL stored procedures containing SSIS packages using Windows Authentication from another computer

You can use SQL Server Authentication / a SQL Login to execute SSIS packages, as long as that account has the appropriate permissions provisioned. This might be the simpler route to go for your ...
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What does a RED X on a database user mean?

Right click on the user, select menu: script login as - create to - new query editor window Delete all but this: USE [master] GO ALTER LOGIN [user] ENABLE GO For me this did the trick on a SQL server ...
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Setting up reporting and alerting in SQL Server through TSQL and Powershell

Create agent event alert for the errors that are written to the event log. Here's a util I did that generates a bunch, and can serve as a starting point.
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I am facing difficulties in backing up a database in MS SQL Server

I see you are using SQL 2019, not SQL 2022. I can see this from both object explorer and also from the backup path. The number 15 is for SQL 2019. SQL 2022 is still in private preview and not yet ...
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