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I tried different scenarios. Number one is for me create new catalog and do re-deploy from VS. If someone know how can we do restore db, please write here.


I see your comment that Explicitly doing a "SET ROWCOUNT 0;" in the procedure resolved it You can achieve the same by configuring the menu options in SSMS: Tools > Options > Query Execution > SET ROWCOUNT: 0


The process failed (unfortunately I missed the error message) and now the source database is missing as well. I found another post on the same topic, which suggests locating and atttaching the .mdf file. If the database is no longer listed on the instance, but you can still see the .mdf file, it somehow got detached during this first unsuccessful ...


I have never tried to use SSMS to copy a live database as you have done. But I have copied many, many databases without an issue. Use the following approach in the future and you will not have the same issue again. Take a full backup (use COPY_ONLY) Then restore the backup with a new name. Your live database will never be detached, so you won't have ...


All this information is the the catalog views. Here's a query to get you started: select schema_name(t.schema_id) schema_name, table_name, column_name, p.permission_name, p.state_desc from sys.tables t join sys.columns c on t.object_id = c.object_id join sys.database_permissions p on c.object_id = p....


You can also group it in inner query. SELECT emp.ID, emp.fname, emp.lname, emp.address1 , emp.address2,, emp.state,,, s.Sales FROM ( SELECT emp_id, SUM(sales) AS Sales FROM empPerformance WHERE saledate BETWEEN @startdate AND @enddate GROUP BY emp_id ) s JOIN employeeData emp ON emp.Id = s.emp_id


My issue was that I misunderstood how logins work in SQL. I was using the USER name and the LOGIN password instead of the LOGIN name and the LOGIN password. It was a noob problem. Hopefully this saves someone else the time.


Use TOAD For SQL Server. The free version includes export to excel, even after the trial expires.


Through a little experimentation, I discovered that rowcount requires "VIEW DATABASE STATE". Methodology: Captured queries that SSMS runs and executed as a user with datareader permissions only. One in particular throws an error. After granting the permission, verified that rowcounts were now visible.


SSMS doesn't use ODBC drivers to connect to SQL Server databases. It uses the .Net Framework driver. You cannot choose which driver it uses as it is hard-coded in the application. But why would you need to choose another one? Linked servers are another thing. It is your DB Server itself connecting to another server. If it is SQL Server, it will use its ...


I had the same problem. I fixed it by changing the 'Login' status to 'Enabled' in Status section of the user property in 'Security/Login'section of my SQL server database the red mark went away after changing this status.

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