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you are using this PowerShell module from the gallery. You need to use Copy-RsSubscription if the subscription on the destination does not already exist. Set-RsSubscription updates only already created subscriptions. Get-RsSubscription -ReportServerUri 'http://sql2017/reportserver' -RsItem '/Cooperative Technologies/1035/1035YellowPages/Billing Reports/...


The MFA auth flow is interactive. For me, for instance, it opens a browser window, displays an code, and I get a notification on my phone to approve the login. So you can't use it in background services like SSRS.


Use OLEDB connector and type the connection string directly: Provider=MSOLEDBSQL;Data Source=myServer;Initial Catalog=myDatabase;Authentication=ActiveDirectoryInteractive;User ID=myUserName;Use Encryption for Data=true;


Chrome browser does not request a kerberos ticket with delegation flag by default. Therefore when report was viewing via Chrome I get Operating system error 5(Access is denied.) exception, because it's as if anonymous user for endpoint, while IE request a kerberos ticket with delegation flag. And a report works fine in Chrome after it was open in IE ...

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