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SQL Server Management Studio "Key cannot be null" error when giving a specific user permissions on Stored Procedures

The problem was that the stored procedures had Writes written into them, and the user was a Read Only account. This error doesn't really point to that, but make sure the user has permissions to ...
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Trouble with slow stored procedure performance on 35M rows with CTE/Temp table

This is a classic Kitchen Sink Query. While you could add OPTION (RECOMPILE) as a quick fix, this comes at a cost of recompiling on every run. Instead, you should build a dynamic query. Don't forget ...
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Call a stored procedure from a trigger

Different names for defining and calling the procedure would cause a problem. Has anyone noticed that sp-set-comment_count and sp_set-comment_count are different? After the sp, one has an underscore ...
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Conditional update

There is a disadvantage in this approach: what if you change parent table not by this stored procedure but by other means? Another stored procedure or even direct update statement? The better solution ...
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