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How to Get the Sum (total) of a column in a query result set

Also: select column1 ,amount_column from dbo.tablename UNION select 'TOTAL' ,sum(amount_column) from dbo.tablename ;
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How to efficiently (O(log n)) get the sum over a range (date/time range) of a column?

Counting rows in PostgreSQL is always O(n), where n is the number of rows counted. If that is too slow for you, the usual remedy is to pre-aggregate the data, for example per user ID and day, so that ...
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PostgreSQL - Sum all row that satisfy a condition into a single row

You can use another level of aggregation with a conditional value to group by. SELECT CASE WHEN jc.job_count >= 100 THEN ELSE 'Other cities' END AS city, SUM(jc.job_count) AS job_count, ...
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