Use this tag for questions related to products from Sybase Corporation - please also include the product tag, such as sybase-ase or sql-anywhere.

This tag covers a range of RDBMS and BI products from Sybase Corporation, distantly related to Microsoft SQL Server. Their RDBMS offerings span the full range from an enterprise-grade "big iron" RDBMS down to a lightweight mobile RDBMS. On the BI side, they have a DW/BI solution called Sybase IQ.

Sybase offers three main RDBMS products, Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase Advantage Server, and SQL Anywhere.

Adaptive Server Enterprise is, as the name suggests, Sybase's enterprise-grade RDBMS (feature list includes data encryption, partitioning, virtualization/clustering support, in-memory databases, data compression, and ANSI SQL:2008 compliance). ASE also works with another Sybase product, Replication Server, to allow up-to-the-minute data replication to meet high-availability/failover requirements (including bidirectional replication, and replication to any number of recipients). It's also worth noting that ASE is compatible with multiple platforms/CPU architectures (Windows, Linux, Solaris among others).

Sybase Advantage Server is their midrange offering, dropping partitioning, clustering and memory databases, in exchange for far less configuration and tuning requirements.

SQL Anywhere is suitable for mobile devices like Windows Mobile, but also supports enterprise-grade hardware and a number of different operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Features include high-availability (mirroring), OLAP, data and communications encryption and compression, regular expressions, full-text search, and support for spatial data. The SQL Anywhere product also includes technology to perform data synchronization between Sybase, Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2 databases.

On the BI side of things, the key product is Sybase IQ. Column-based storage (instead of row-based) with automatic compression makes queries and manipulation of large data sets significantly faster.