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Tsql help - doing a large update from CSV file to a table in ssms

You can use to convert an excel/csv/json file into a CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO TABLE SQL statements with the corresponding data. It's a free tool I created as I have to do ...
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.DTSX package is there a way to wrap a workflow into a transaction

You can read about SSIS transactions here. Configure a package to use a single transaction In this option, the package itself initiates a single transaction. You configure the package to initiate ...
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Is "ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY xml.node)" well defined?

No, it's not documented and therefore not guaranteed. In practice, it probably is guaranteed as I described in a Stack Overflow answer (reproduced below) but that doesn't meet your stated desire for ...
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Is it parameter sniffing?

Looking at the data you provided, including the execution plan, it is impossible to determine if the attached plan is a parameter sniffing case. I am unsure if any data from your original plan was ...
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