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Create a temp table, put in your users and use that in your delete statement: CREATE TABLE delete_users (user_id ... primary key); INSERT INTO delete_users (user_id) values (...),(...)...; DELETE FROM [dbo].[Table] x WHERE EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM delete_users y WHERE x.user_id = y.user_id ); DROP TABLE delete_users;


Just copy the ID values over: CREATE TABLE messages (_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, key_remote_jid TEXT NOT NULL); ATTACH 'msgstoreF.db' AS android; INSERT INTO messages (_id, key_remote_jid) SELECT _id, key_remote_jid FROM android.messages; Please read the SQLite Autoincrement documentation. New ID values will not conflict with the ...


When the trader can have different products and products are linked to different trader. You need a relationship tables Trader_Products, which will represent the n:m relationship So option 2 is the right answer.

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