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You are assuming a close coupling (between the table PHPMyAdmin is "showing" you and the database itself) that does not exist. You might be looking at a table but the commands that you execute are only that - SQL commands - and, as such, they have to be complete. The syntax for truncate table includes the name of the table to be truncated (even if ...


I've seen it mentioned in blogs and tutorials that a weak entity "doesn't have a primary key," but this is misleading. You are correct that every table needs a primary key. This is necessary for the table to qualify as a relation. Every relation has one or more candidate keys, and one of the candidate keys is chosen as the table's primary key. The ...


Did some more research....I guess these details are already stored in a catalog view that you can just query: SELECT TableName,i.Rows NumberOfRows FROM sys.tables T JOIN sys.sysindexes I ON T.OBJECT_ID = I.ID WHERE indid IN (0,1) AND LIKE '%20170101%' ORDER BY i.Rows DESC,


These are called System Catalogs. And Chapter 52. System Catalogs says that they are represented by regular tables in PostgreSQL: The system catalogs are the place where a relational database management system stores schema metadata, such as information about tables and columns, and internal bookkeeping information. PostgreSQL's system catalogs are regular ...

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