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Right click the database select Reports -> Standard Reports -> Disk Usage to check transaction log file is empty or full. If it is full, run following command to check what it is waiting for. select name,log_reuse_wait_desc from sys.databases


I came across this issue today with one of my production databases. I resolved it by adding a second log file to the database. I could not take a full backup or perform a shrink of the log file as described above because when I tried to it would generate the LOG_BACKUP error message. I also attempted to extend the log file but this too generated the same ...


The underlying partition was initialized using MBR (master boot record) instead of GPT (GUID partition table), and you've broken the 2TB file size limit. I'm willing to bet that if you ever replay that log backup, it will fail because the backup would have stopped writing when it reached the 2TB boundary. You will need to reinitialize the partition using ...


The log_reuse_wait_desc is only updated when SQL Server attempts to clear the log. In other words, it's not necessarily a "live" view of whether the log can be cleared or not. Paul Randal explains that in his blog post "Why is log_reuse_wait_desc saying LOG_BACKUP after doing a log backup?". In the case of tempdb, which uses the SIMPLE recovery model, SQL ...


On the security tab, click Advanced and take ownership. Once that is done, go back to security tab and grant your user full control, ownership does not imply full control. You should now be able to delete it. Another option may be the get to the folder using an admin share (ie \servername\c$) and try deleting file.


There is another case here that might be relevant. While your database might be using a Full Recovery model, if you’ve never backed up your database, you are still in a Simple Recovery model. In this model, you might not be able to find the transaction you’re looking for because it’s been over written. The Full Recovery model doesn’t actually take effect ...

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