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It seems you need in something similar to: WITH cte AS ( SELECT *, RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY ORDER BY stages.position DESC) rnk FROM clients INNER JOIN deals ON deals.client_id = INNER JOIN deal_stages ON deal_stages.deal_id = ...


I have tried your method and it's working on my computer. Have you checked the column name having wrong spelling?


In PgAdmin (version 4.x), I could easily modify the definition (I added a where clause) in the properties box. Your problem could be solved that way.


In my environment, we replicate a lot of tables from production server to the reports server. On reports server we have plenty of views that are based on replicated production tables AND are nested. Before replication starts, we have to remove all views to make replication possible (we use drop and create because tables structure often change in production). ...

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