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psql connection timeout issues

That is a networking problem. The message and the lack of server log entries prove that you didn't reach the database server. You'll have to use standard network debugging techniques to solve this ...
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Azure Sql Server VPN connection

I've solved with a Preview Solution and connected from the inside virtual network to Sql Server on port 1433.
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Issue connecting to remote SQL Server database through VPN

I'm speculating that since you were given RDP access and a username/account to the database server, the security credentials in question are Active Directory credentials. DBeaver on Linux likely ...
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1 vote

SSMS connections not using KERBEROS over VPN - why?

Assuming the client has SSMS 2012 installed, you might have one of them try running the following from a command-prompt as a test: %SystemRoot%\System32\runas.exe /netonly /user:DOMAIN\Username "%...
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