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That is a matter of Windows/batch, it is not specific to SQL*Plus. You can do this: (echo connect bp/bp@ echo select * from dual; echo exit ) | sqlplus -S /nolog Result: C:\Users\balaz>(echo connect bp/bp@ More? echo select * from dual; More? echo exit More? ) | sqlplus -S /nolog D - X C:\Users\balaz> ...


I'm not sure what I did, but I have the service running now. I guess it is a combination of little of everything Open CMD as administrator browse to pgagent.exe cd C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\pgAgent\bin Remove the pgAgent service (if pgAgent service is installed, but does not work) pgAgent REMOVE pgAgent Then I installed the service again. pgAgent ...


This is not a limitation of MySQL Workbench, but one of mysqldump (which is used by Workbench to create the data export). See also Create table if not exists from mysqldump.


I had a similar situation and it turned out to be that the "Turn on Auto Unlock" option was disabled. Right click drive/manage bitlocker/click turn on auto unlock

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