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2 votes

Should I increase my key_buffer_size?

The answer is no. Why ??? key_buffer_size is a buffer used for MyISAM table index caching. Since you have a 75G buffer pool, you can leave all MyISAM related settings in their default settings. You ...
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1 vote

MariaDB Galera Cluster (10.6.12) and Laravel WSREP issue

If there are only 3 nodes and 2 of the nodes (2 & 3) were in an ERROR state then the remaining node will not accept any transaction since it does not know the current state of the cluster. See ...
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1 vote

MariaDB Galera Cluster galera.cache file getting bigger than specified gcache.size

Solved after upgrading Galera library to 26.4.9 version. The galera.cache does not grow over the specified 128MB gcache.size, using MariaDB 10.4.12 and that Galera version.
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1 vote

How to Prevent the Connections for MariaDB Galera-Cluster When There is Only One Active Node?

Changing the wsrep_sst_method does not change this behaviour - it all depends on whether the remaining node thinks it's the primary partition or not. A partition is the segment of cluster members that ...
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1 vote

Mariadb 10.1 / Galera - bootstrap node always doesn't lose quorum

I don't think this is a bug. Its an expected behaviour interms of normal shutdown scenario. If you are practicing split-brain testcases then it makes sense for it to loose its Primary status. In your ...
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1 vote

WSREP: Writeset deserialization failed: Unsupported RecordSet version: 2: 71 (Protocol error)

You have different versions of the Galera plugin, not the MariaDB server. I had the same issue during deployment, one node was updated and the other two not. Please check on all nodes: (none)> ...
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