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SQL Server Integration Services, an ETL tool sold by Microsoft and bundled with SQL Server versions since SQL Server 2005.
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A schema of a database system is its structure described in a formal language supported by the database management system (DBMS) and refers to the organization of data to create a blueprint of how a d…
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UPDATE changes the values of the specified columns in all rows that satisfy the condition. Only the columns to be modified need be mentioned in the SET clause; columns not explicitly modified retain t…
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MySQL version 5.6 - please also tag with mysql for search purposes.
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Splitting a database table into multiple segments for performance or manageability.
SQL Server 2017 (major build version 14.00.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.
A widely-used open-source operating system that is particularly popular on servers.
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A type of integrity constraint used in a RDBMS platform to ensure that a value in a column matches one of a range of key values from another table.
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Azure SQL Database is a relational database-as-a-service from Microsoft. This tag is for questions about Azure SQL Database, NOT SQL Server hosted in an Azure VM (use azure-vm).
SQL Server 2019 (major build version 15.00.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.
Amazon Relational Database Service is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.
Oracle Database 12c. Please also tag oracle for search purposes.
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the process of moving databases or data from one place to another
The process of determining which indexes are useful and which are not.
A mechanism for managing concurrent access to shared data or resources by granting temporarily exclusive access to the processes requesting the lock.
A core statement in SQL that does what it says on the tin: inserts data into a table.
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Db2 is a family of relational database management servers developed by IBM. It runs on multiple platforms, including Unix (namely AIX), Linux, IBM i (formerly OS/400), z/OS and Windows.
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Transaction log is a list/history of modification executed by a database management system to guarantee ACID properties over crashes or hardware failures.
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A cluster consists of a group of computers connected so that in many respects they can be viewed as a single system.
When used in the context of databases, memory refers to RAM directly addressable by the CPU as opposed to going through the I/O subsystem.
A mechanism for committing a consistent set of changes into a database atomically.
A function performs some specified work, usually taking parameters as input. In terms of databases these may be specific to SQL or to the database vendor.
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MySQL's Standard Dump/Backup Utility
GROUP BY : SQL Aggregation for Common Values
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Oracle Database 11g (not 11g R2). Please also tag oracle for search purposes.
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SQL term used to describe when a `SELECT` statement is used as part of a larger SQL statement. The larger statement may be DML and is always found within brackets or parenthesis.
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The choice of settings for hardware, firmware, software or other components of a database system.
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A popular open-source embeddable (i.e. non client-server) RDBMS implemented as a C library.
Microsoft Access is an application development and database development tool from Microsoft. It combines the Microsoft Jet/ACE Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development …
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Use ONLY if PHP is directly relevant to the question and likely to be the source of your problem, not just because you're using a PHP library to connect to a database. PHP stands for Professional Hype…
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Normalization is the process of organizing columns into tables within a relational database in such a way as to minimize redundancy and avoid insertion, update and deletion anomalies.
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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an open, human and machine-readable standard that facilitates data interchange, and along with XML is the main format for data interchange used on the modern web.
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Improving the performance characteristics of a database application or system.
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A virtual table that represents the data in one or more tables in an alternative way.
Operating system produced by Microsoft. Windows is produced in various desktop and server versions. Please also add a version-specific tag like windows-10 if that is relevant to the question.
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MySQL version 8.0 - please also tag with mysql for search purposes.
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