I work as an under-paid, over-utilized, highly-stressed programmer for a major shipping company. My main function is integrating the company's shipping software with the customer's Order Management software.

I served in the U.S. Navy from 1983-1995 as an Electronics Technician. I got into programming on the Apple ][ in 9th grade Computer Science class. I learned AppleSoft Basic, then learned 6502 and later 65816 assembly. I ran a BBS on the Apple IIgs during the 80's & 90's. The BBS software was called M.E.T.A.L. which stood for Mega-Extensive-Telecommunications-Application-Language. It was basically a script compiler. You wrote your own BBS from the ground up and ran it using METAL. Doing this is how I actually got the programming bug.

I moved to the PC in 1996 after i lost all my Apple II hardware and years of source code in a yard sale that I did not authorize :( A co-worker gave me his old copy of VB4 after he upgraded to VB5. I've been programming in VB since, working up through all versions and now use the current version of Visual Studio.

Though my preference is to use VB, I can read and understand C#. I can easily convert most C# into VB without using a converter. When I can't, there's always SharpDevelop to do that for me :)

11/2018 Update: I've been using mostly C# for about 6 months now. Also using T-SQL, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap (yuck) and trying to learn Vue.js and possibly Bulma (it looks promising).

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