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I Design, Develop, Deploy bespoke OpenText-Gupta based Information Management systems, making your business life easier.... harnessing the power and productivity of Gupta Technologies TD.Net ∙ TeamDeveloper ∙ Centura ∙ SQLWindows ∙ SQLBase toolset against any dBMS, to transform your business data into your business asset.

♦ UK ♦ Australia ♦ New Zealand ♦

✸ I am available for local or remote OpenText-Gupta based consulting/development/support work. See my profile and Connect with me on LinkedIn: and we can negotiate your Gupta requirements - large or small ✸


Object Orientated system design and build - Gupta Technologies ∙ TeamDeveloper.Net ∙ Centura ∙ SQLWindows ∙ SQLBase ∙ ReportBuilder ∙ ANSI SQL ∙ OOD ∙ OOP - running against any dBMS ∙ Oracle ∙ SQLServer ∙ Informix ∙ SQLBase ∙ DB2 ∙

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