Devoting most of my time developing web applications, I realized over the years that the common web developer is too focus on improvements in design, development and implementation of internet applications, often forgetting the most important, the user .

With the user in mind, the project was born http://www.izigo.pt .

The project aims to provide a search engine to search for services and vehicles in the automotive sector, in a simple, fast and geo referenced ( Research nearest garage service for example), always trying to provide updated information using the latest information technologies available in the market .

izigo.pt intends to organize and deliver high quality content in the automotive sector where the automobile market through workshops , booths , business directory , services and dealers will be referenced and accessible . Our partners will have increased visibility in a complex area that requires great trust between suppliers and customers and in which the information is often not easily accessible .

Please check my LinkedIn profile for aditional information: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/patricksardinha/

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