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I'm Juliano, since 1989 I've been around. I'd say that the first years of my life I didn't achieve so much, but there was a story about myself eating a bug that my mother used to love sharing with everyone.

When I was 7 I fell in love with basketball in a country that almost every single person loves football (or soccer for North Americans), yes, I'm from Brazil. I've dedicated myself to the sport till 17 and I couldn't see another outcome but starting a Physical Education course, once becoming a professional player wasn't one of my options.

During my graduation I've realized that Physical Education is a lot more than just basketball, and even though I knew that I wouldn't like to work with it, I've decided to get the course done considering that I was in a good University and knowledge is never too much.

After completing the course I've started a technical IT course focused in software development, and that was the third time that I fell in love in my whole life. Yes, third, because between basketball and IT I found my beloved wife.

In my first Logic Programming class I could see myself doing that for the rest of my life. During my last semester in the course, I've got my first job in IT in a multinational company, where I could work for 3 years with technologies such as Java, Spring, PL/SQL, Shell Script and Git.

Later on I've decided to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone trying an international career, and that's how my story began.

Today, I'm living in Linz, Austria, working at Dynatrace as a Product Specialist, where I can work directly with different customers across the globe and guide them in how to use the product in its better way.

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