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Hello everyone,

My name is Matt. I have 22 years of software experience. I am technical expert who happily works with all executives, business units and technical teams to deliver excellent, secure and scalable technical solutions.

Technical Team Lead and Technical Engineering Manager

I have over 20 years experience as a developer and nine years experience as a technical team lead where I have led software teams for many corporations. I have three years experience as Engineering Manager where I manage all aspects of software teams from budgeting and pto management to compensation and bonus planning and yearly goal creation.

Technical Liaison and Solutions Architecture

Often, I can be found acting as a technical liaison between the technical team and executive staff and business units. I am able to architect and plan out advanced, scalable software solutions and clearly explain how something must be delivered, when it can be delivered and in what order. I help plan or fully plan technical roadmaps for companies and I help executive team members visualize and understand what can be done and when so that projects are delivered successfully and with clear expectations.

Technical experience

From a technology perspective I have roughly 15-20 years experience and an expert level skill sets in Microsoft based technologies including:

.NET Core, ASP.NET WebAPI, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Entity Framework, T-SQL, SQL Server, IIS and legacy tech stack technologies including WinForms, ASP.NET webforms,VB.NET, Legacy ASP and Ado.NET.

I also have experience in non MS tech stack options including many modern front end technologies including: REACT, Angular 2+, TypeScript, CSS, Javascript, BootStrap and Material.

Cloud experience

Microsoft Azure - app services, azure functions, service bus queues , virtual machines, build and deployment pipelines, virtual networks, subnets, point to point vpn and more.

Additional Info:

I have had the pleasure to work on teams of all sizes throughout the years.

In 2003 I founded a successful product development company which was acquired in 2007. From 2007 to 2011 I worked as an independent consultant for several organizations in the U.S and Canada before returning to corporate work.

Today, I work in the financial sector where I serve as Engineering Manager for a financial services company. I primarily work with commodities. More specifically, with all of our technology surrounding all aspects of commodity trading from customer facing systems to b2b reporting, cloud based services, corp to corp secure communication, authentication, client onboarding and much more.

Thank you for viewing my profile!

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