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Nikita Kurtin
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Senior Researcher Developer with large background in software projects

A summary of a summary

  • System and software architecture
  • Development process and infrastructure
  • Fluent in Java(certified), Swift, JavaScript, experienced with PHP, Python
  • Strong knowledge of OOP & OOD
  • Database technologies, including SQL and NoSQL – MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MariaB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Spark
  • Mobile native research and development for Android (Java & Kotlin) and iOS (Swift)
  • Web front-end vanilla development using JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Back-end development using NodeJS, Java, Python, PHP
  • Cloud platforms: AWS(certified), OCI, IBM

Hobbies: Street Workout - amazing community driven sport

Favorite quote: "Between dream and reality, there is only you."

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