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I don't like "Because the spec says so." comments to the why questions.

I think a why question generally asks the reason behind the design. Why did the language designers choose(or did not choose) this design? Answers like,

  • Because it is wrong to implement this because of (some) reasons.
  • The language designers had 2 or more options and there were no correct or incorrect choices. They just had to pick one.
  • They accepted this design, but it is a poor design because of (some) reasons.
  • Classical Eric Lippert answer: Because they did not think about this, so it is not implemented.
  • They did think about this but it is hard to implement (pereferably with reasons) and its priority is low.

etc answers are much more contributing than "Because the spec says so.".

If you don't have any idea, please don't bother to answer.

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