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In the last 15 years in my studies, at work or just for fun I developed many skills and knowledge in the IT area, as a researcher, developer, sysadmin and project manager. I'm used to solve problems, even the complex ones, trying to find simple and pragmatic solutions, easy to implement and maintain.

As a freelance I learned to organize my work autonomously. As a scientific researcher in university and then as a project manager in a company I learned to share experiences and skills, working in team and coordinating the work of several people. In many situations I managed to handle strict deadlines and strong pressures. In those cases I do my best thanks to my calm and determined nature. I learn something new every single day, the Internet is my main teacher.

My goal is to keep up with innovations in IT industry, knowing that in my area no one can live off the fat of the land and everyone should "keep moving forward".

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