Guadalajara, Mexico.


Yes, only looking for 100% remote opportunities

Willing to relocate



TypeScript/JS, Node, Ruby (I love ruby!), AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, RabbitMQ, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, are the ones I´ve used in the last 5 years (it´s difficult to write about technologies, I work or have worked with so many of them :( )


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I´m currently working as a VP of Eng. at a startup, I've been heading Eng teams for about 7 years, always keeping my hands dirty (I love to code). I've done everything from frontend, backend, DevOps (recently I just setup CI env for devs and reduced in 30% the bill in our AWS account by careful examination of waste, while looking for a DevOps for the team), I've done Product Development (built a couple of new product features while looking for a full time Head of Product), Of course I've done programming (I keep myself busy scratching itches in my free time, like this http://dominoparty.tk/hngame_domino domino game I built to play with my family in this quarantine, and now its cousing http://palabrixparty.tk/hngame clone of a popular word board game with Spanish tiles, reusing the backend) .

I opened a subsidiary of a US company in Mexico, so I am familiar with how it is to setup shop. In case someone is discouraged because of complexities, it can be done very easily (starting with paying like a 3rd party "outsourcing" but with good benefits for the employee).

I'm familiar with PCI-DSS and ISO 27001, as I have worked through the certification process.

I have plenty of experience in management (I love manager-tools.com if you have to listen for 1 mgmt podcast, listen to this, specially the old ones), current team is about 8 people, max team was 20 people (which I split in 4 teams).

What am I looking for?

I think my sweet spot is a small team (post-seed to early Series B), I am happy to be an IC or a lead/management position. Right now I am basically looking for a fully remote position, for this changing world environment.

oh, I speak Spanish, English, und ein bisschen Deutsch (I lived in the UK for 3.5 years and in Germany for also 3.5 years).

Some stuff I built in the last 6 months (happy to show code if requested)

  • Ionic App + ruby backend
  • Canvas (Konva) / JS + NodeJS/Express domino game
  • Angular8 + SurveyJS app + NodeJS/Express application
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