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Viktor Andriichuk
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Hi there! 👋

My name is Viktor!

I worked a lot with different types of data - with “regular” and with what can be called “big data” (I did a lot of things with my hands in Data Engineering, ML, analytics and backend) using Python. I used to strive to learn tools for the sake of the tools themselves. And since 2023, I realised it’s not about what tools I use but what value I bring to the business. I realised the main thing is the goal and task; the tools are secondary. I also realised that I can not only “do tasks” - I can also bring additional value to a business in the form of creating effective solutions for finding insights for business growth from start to finish (from collecting data from different sources, proper storage, creation of necessary pipelines for transforming data, finding information in data, or creating dashboards). I help businesses grow by making data-driven decisions and implementing data-driven solutions, from design to implementation.

I have invested and continue to invest a lot of time and money in studying the fundamental principles of processing and storing data and algorithms, allowing me to look at problems in a broader, more profound way and with greater understanding.

I prefer to work in small teams - startups or growing start-up businesses. If necessary, I can be the only developer on the team. I wouldn't say I like bureaucracy. This is my element if it is required to complete tasks from different directions. At the same time, I can be a team player. I have had mentoring experience.

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