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Prominent Philosophies

Seek first to understand. In my career, I have tried to understand things at a core level. It is important to me to know how things work, why they work, and what my change impacts. I am uncomfortable being told to click this or type that without knowing why I'm doing it. I tend to frustrate those who have no desire (or need) to know the how and why, because I want to explain it.

Focus on the process. The business process is where the data is generated, collected, and used. A tendency to focus only on the data is myopic. When I develop systems that focus on the process, I will see where the data is collected, how it is collected, and how it is used. I will therefore develop systems that are more useful for the customer. Also, when something goes wrong (in software or in my daily life), if I understand the process and adjust accordingly, I will reduce my tendency to blame my fellow mankind.

Work Methodology

My methodology derives from my prominent philosophies. In working with me, you will find that I try to understand what's going on at a big-picture level. I will diagram things with boxes and lines without worrying too much about what's inside the boxes. I want to know what's going through the end user's mind and the minds of those with whom I'm working. I believe pictures to be the best tool for extracting that information. In order to find a common platform on which to work, I will abstract to higher and higher levels until we agree. Only then, can we drill down and ensure that we mean the same things when we say the same words.

To resolve problems, I apply the method of changing only one thing, testing, observing the result, and then changing it back if the result was undesireable or made no improvement. I believe this to be the only way to really understand what I'm doing and to make the correct fixes.

Personal Life

Like most computer geeks, I enjoy reading science fiction or fantasy. I enjoy watching these things as well. I must work hard to avoid allowing video games to dominate my life and turning me into a hermit. Scrabble is probably a better diversion for me.

Unlike most computer geeks, I enjoy interacting with people on a social level. Your work, hobbies, and interests usually interest me. There are so many cool things out there that getting caught up in my own little world would be a terrible waste. Someone in the world designs plastic eating utensils. Someone else understands how to properly weld an engine block. There is so much fascinating variety!

Frisbee gets me outside on a nice day. Cooking appeals to my creative nature. A very occasional fine cigar with an ice cold craft brew while reading hard science fiction is a great way to wile away an afternoon. I enjoy connecting with my peers through rousing discussions about code design. I also like quoting movies, television, and song lyrics in every day conversation.

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