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Developer, Systems Admin, Geek, Gamer, Gadget lover, etc. etc.

I started programming in BASIC before high school on a Sinclair ZX81, advanced to a BBC Model B, where I learned 6502 assembly language programming. I never really worked with PCs until the early 90s. In the late 90s, I joined a higher educational institution as a desktop technician, later a systems admin, working predominantly on Windows systems, but also had a keen interest in Linux systems. I later got involved in software development with many languages, and finally settled on C# development as my go-to choice of career/interest.

In my current employment, I'm the Technical Director of the company's Information Systems department. The primary focus of our business is safety critical industrial control systems.

In my spare time, I'm currently working on developing my dotnet skills further, currently becoming au fait with Blazor.

I tend to prefer MacOS and JetBrains Rider as my go-to environment for dotnet development.

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