What I do / Who I am

I’m a Senior MS SQL Database Administrator. I have a strong desire to continuously improve my skill set so that I can add to the bottom line of a company. I’m a hard worker who believes in making things happen instead of waiting for it to happen. I have over ten years’ experience in the following core skills:

MS SQL, Developing Databases, T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, SQL, Database Mirroring & Replication, Database Optimisation, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, Oracle, WonderWare, Aspen IP 21, LabWare LIMS. My Top Goal right now is to complete my formal studies in order to advance my career.

Who I would like to work or partner with

I’m currently interested in working with a company where I can grow and develop my programming skills in order to advance my professional career to a leadership position . At some point in my career, I would love to partner or work with Google or AWS.

“Those at the top of the mountain didn't fall there.”

  • Unknown “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work, second, stick-to-itiveness, third, common sense.”

  • Thomas A. Edison

What makes me different

I’m loyal and hard-working with a strong desire to move up the professional ladder. I really do believe that in order to move up you have to make things happen for yourself. I have set some challenging performance goals and outcomes for myself as I believe these will help me achieve my long-term career ambitions. One of these is to develop my programming skills. My current most important long-term goal is to grow to the level of Team Lead or Technical Manager.

A few other things about me:

 I’m extremely customer-focused.  I have the ability to proactively drive the management of SLA’s to the exact requirements of the client and as per the contractual obligation.  I’m very particular about detail, I always work systematically through any tasks given.  During investigations I’m meticulous and I always try to find and efficiently report on the root cause.  I’m self-driven and self-taught.  I pride myself on my ability to take initiative and I’m proud of the skill set that I’ve built over the years.

Career Challenges I’ve had to overcome

12 Years ago I was ‘dropped’ into a position where I had no knowledge of MS SQL. I had to find my own way around MS SQL without any training provided. My tasks at this stage included having to import data into MS SQL Databases from legacy databases. It was daunting, but it taught me a lot about myself, especially that I am driven enough to be self-taught and that I’m able to take initiative.

I soon got to the point where I could start automating the process, thus working smarter and faster. In a short period of time, I had to learn how to perform administrative, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks on databases.

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