Studied biology during undergraduate and accounting as master degree, I finally find myself interested in Programming. Kinda funny huh?

At present, hired by a company lacking database and storing data all by Excel sheet, I've self-studied Access, Java+ASP, Flex, Sql Server and so on. I finally found Visual Studio with C# + Sql Server Express(free) is a suitable development tool. I have developed several efficient tool for my employer. I appreciate all the opportunities from my company.

Now I'm digging documents from Apple, playing with Xcode and iPhone. Believing will make a great App very soon, and make big money, lolZ

Anyway, I'm seeking for a career in programming. And I would like to thank all technicians from StackOverFlow, you guys help me a lot :) In spite of my limited knowledge, I also try my best to help others too, hopefully helps.

Updated on 2013.Jun.2nd

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