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Dev with 30 years in the business, RapidBI is the first accredited Sisense Reseller in Australia and I'm using all of my knowledge to make Sisense the best BI tool ever. Sisense at it's heart is an open platfrom with everything available via RestAPI. For a Dev it's a playground where all the guts of a BI tool are there to be played with.

A core market is embedding Sisense into other software products. It excels in this space and our tools now place Sisense at the centre. We can take anything that's inside Sisense and make it available automatically outside Sisense.

Prior to Rapid BI I was running my own health analytics startup - which didn't shock the world with brilliance so instead it did fade into ignominy. Loving the fact that Machine Learning is becoming mainstream, the real problem is now domain knowledge.

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