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PostgreSQL Complete Database Backup
11 votes

Actually, pg_dump backs up all the data, permissions, indexes and whatnot that constitute the database. What is not backed up are the PostgreSQL server's configuration files, globals (roles and ...

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Trouble setting up Postgres for the first time
6 votes

The next thing to check is probably that you have a line in your postgresql.conf that looks like this: listen_addresses = '*' You will have to restart after changing that line. Otherwise your pg_hba....

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Database suggestion for a social network/ knowledge base community?
Accepted answer
4 votes

Your abstract requirements scream "PostgreSQL" to me. However, I think it's worth staying abreast of what the bourgeoisie are up to, so here's a list of various stuff you might want to check into. ...

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Separate Address Table, Latitude, Longitude
1 votes

The right answer is choice #5: use PostGIS. An example from OpenGeo: "Note the magic <-> operator in the ORDER BY clause. This is where the magic occurs. The <-> is a “distance” ...

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