I am a data architect and senior member of Schneider Electric's Engineering Fellow program (EDISON Experts Group). I work across Schneider's 150,000+ employees to evangelize Big Data, Cloud, and database technologies such as MongoDB, Azure, Main Memory Databases, and mentor and assist teams on such solutions.

I am currently a member of Schneider's Global Solutions division working with the platform team. I am focused on research, proofs of concept, and implementation practices in the areas of data architecture, data storage, scalability solutions including In-memory DBs, Big Data (NoSQL and NewSQL), and Cloud database technologies.

I have been working with Cloud and Big Data technologies since 2010, and VLDB since well before Big Data was a term. I have experience with many technologies including NoSQL, NewSQL and streaming solutions. For the past year or two I've been working heavily with databases such as MongoDB an VoltDB for various proofs of concept. I have recently in 2014 implemented three different custom back up solutions for MongoDB using Azure and Powershell.

I have a Masters Degree in CIS from Boston University and have a very long track record of hands on experience in traditional and Relational Database technologies since 1998 including Database Architecture, Administration, T-SQL Development and a lot of deep performance tuning experience with Microsoft SQL Server.

I am sometimes out at conferences once or twice a year to speak or attend. I have also been recognized by many public entities in the industry, as well as Schneider Electric, as an expert and leader in Big Data technologies and I have been interviewed and published by numerous big names such as Forrester, Microsoft, and the Innovation Enterprise Group.

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