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An Agile Social Entrepreneur and Polymath in-the-making

I am technology evangelist way before realizing it. That's why during my Electronics and Communications Engineering college days I started the first social networking portal for students back in 2001. After graduation, I started my career as a Software Engineering (Embedded Systems, Desktop, Web, Mobile...etc).

Later on, I switched career gears into Business Consulting, Strategic Management specifically, where I gained hands-on experience on business in different sectors and regions. To me, that was more fulfilling than an MBA.

Then I moved on into Digital Marketing where I helped businesses establish sustainable online digital versions of their organization through creative and entertaining use of eAds, Social Media & Mobile to reach and engage with their target segment.

Right now, I have collected the knowledge to start my entrepreneurial journey of discovering the missing links between Psychology, Technology and Business for the masses.

In 2011, I co-founded @SocialFruits, @KhernaMe and @QabilaTv to start this journey. Oh, I also happen to love photography and filmmaking :)

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