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I am a passionate Developer and Architect who loves Technology and Engineering. I dive into any technology and have around 18 years of development, architecture and consulting experience. My core strength is in development, architecture, performance tuning J2EE, Python, JavaScript, ReactJS , ReactNative, NodeJS, Linux based e-commerce systems. I also am an ardent believer, support and promoter of the open source movement and pushes open source into all projects I am involved in. I have been working and consulting in cloud space for over 5 years now.

My key technical skill set includes

  • Distributed and Event driven System Architecture
  • J2EE (architect, developer performance tuning)
  • Python (architect, developer, performance tuning)
  • Go language (architect, developer, performance tuning)
  • JavaScript / ReactJS / ReactNative / NodeJS
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle / REDIS
  • AWS (architect, configure, automate)
  • Linux platforms (these days playing around with kali Linux for security)
  • Infrastructure automation - Ansible
  • Front end development - JQuery
  • Agile / DevOps process implementation
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