I'm probably doing this wrong, but here it goes.

I'm trying to build something like very basic CRM. I know there are plenty of them, but I want something to learn actually.


  • Some companies are never contacted before. That's why I created two additional tables contact_emails and company_emails.
  • The contacted company may have assigned contact (person).
  • A person can have phones and emails.
  • One person can be assigned to multiple companies
  • One company can have multiple persons

Diagram: enter image description here


  • Am I on the right track?
  • What can be improved and how?

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  1. Learn Table Inheritance (aka subtype/supertype)

    Individual   : Legal Party (":" meaning "inherits")
    Organization : Legal Party
    Email          : Address
    Phone          : Address
    MailingAddress : Address
    WebURL         : Address
    LegalParty -< PartyRelationships >- LegalParty
    LegalParty -< ContactInfo >- Address
  2. Read up on existing data model patterns. Don't re-invent the wheel


@RottenUser, you seem to be on the right-track, as far as I can confirm this, having looked at your db schema.

You asked: What can be improved and how?

Well, company_phones isn't really need, I think. As you can add a column in the phones table or contact_phones, sort of to filter out if the phone is private (i.e. personal mobile)/public etc.

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