I have a calendar table that shows all dates from 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2016, essentially the calendar shows the date and isworkday. I need to be able to pass a begindate and enddate to a stored procedure and insert all the dates that are in the range in a table. So for example something like this

Create Procedure [dbo].[DateRangeTest]
  @begindate date
  ,@enddate date

Set @begindate = '01/01/2016'
Set @enddate = '01/31/2016'

Now here is where my lack of knowledge comes to play, how can I then take all the dates in that range that are flagged as workdays from my workcalendar table and insert those specific dates into a temp table?


Guessing at column names:

INSERT #temp(dateColumn) 
  SELECT dateColumn
  FROM dbo.WorkCalendar
  WHERE IsWorkDay = 1
  AND dateColumn >= @begindate
  AND dateColumn < DATEADD(DAY, 1, @enddate);

Also please try to avoid regional formats like m/d/y. These will bite you in the end, because someone will run your code on a server with different language or regional settings, and it will be interpreted as d/m/y. See Bad habits to kick : mis-handling date / range queries. Also, for information on why I didn't use BETWEEN, see What do BETWEEN and the devil have in common? It may work for the date data type, but I'd rather be consistent than surprised.

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