i'm trying to update a remote table using linked server, based on id of my local table.

I'm trying this:

update [HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2
                set [HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2.cod = tabela1.codigo
                from [HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2 
                    join tabela1 
                    on tabela1.id=[HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2.id

The multi-part identifier "HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01.dba_teste.dbo.tabela2.id" could not be bound.

i tried to update the local server based on the linked server but I still receive errors like the TABLE_NAME could not be bound.

update tabela1 
        set tabela1 .cod=[HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2.cod
            from [HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2 
            join tabela1 
            on [HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2.id=tabela1.id

Msg 4104, Level 16, State 1, Line 40 The multi-part identifier "HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01.dba_teste.dbo.tabela2.cod" could not be bound.

There's a lot of questions like this one on stackoverflow but none of them is working.



You cant have 5 identifiers, this should do the trick

SET    T2.cod = T1.codigo
FROM   [HQSQLHOM01\SQLHOM01].dba_teste.dbo.tabela2 AS T2
JOIN   tabela1 AS T1
       ON T1.id = T2.id


  • 1
    Wow it worked. thank you! I think I should know that already. – Racer SQL Oct 20 '16 at 11:54
  • I just need to use SET XACT_ABORT ON because i'm tyring to use begin tran. – Racer SQL Oct 20 '16 at 12:48

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