I want to get list of all objects which is accessible to the login user. The list should include Table, Sequence, Function, Procedure, View, Sequence, Index, Trigger etc.

I am using Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c. My requirement is that the owner of the db objects grant privileges to other user, so that user can access those objects by running select or other query. I did try earlier dba_objects but DBA does not allow to grant permission for dba_objects to the user. So I am looking for different solution.

I did try all_objects that list of all objects accessible to the user, but It lists the Table, View, Index and Sequence only.

Either I am missing something or its returns it only.

Can anybody suggest me correct way to get all accessible objects to the user?


Community wiki answer:

ALL_OBJECTS lists all the object types, at least those which you need, except triggers, for which you can query ALL_TRIGGERS.

  • ALL_TRIGGERS contains entries that are already in ALL_OBJECTS, its just a filtered list. If they do not show up in ALL_OBJECTS there is something else wrong. – mruether Oct 6 '17 at 12:50

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