I'm migrating PostgreSQL RDS instance from AWS located in Frankfurt to the RDS instance in Alibaba Cloud also located in Frankfurt. I use Data Transmission tool from Alibaba Cloud. It connects both DB fine, there are no errors on the connections. The only problem is with versioning:

unsupported version

I've tried downgrading the source DB, but it seems to be impossible. Does anybody have ideas how it could be done?


You can downgrade postgresql database from the command line.

Simply extract the database with a

pg_dump --host=... --port=... --dbname=.... --user=.... >dump

command. Then you will have your database in the file dump in your local directory.

Then insert the dump into your new database with the command

psql --host=... --port=... --dbname=.... --user=.... <dump

It won't work at first. Typically, you will have syntax errors or similar. But get a good text editor, and edit it all out, until it won't be clean.

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  • Yes! Thanks, managed to work with this solution. – Nikita Zavyalov Aug 22 '18 at 8:14

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