I'm trying to query the recent week rows by using dates. BUT the query is not returning any result. It takes forever to execute.

I checked my DataBase where date is saved in 1446976737 format which seems unix timestamp. BUT in my filters user is entering human readable dates such as 2018-11-11. Now by executing the below query i'm not getting result. Is there anything wrong with my query?

SELECT  `e`.`id` AS `id`, `e`.`first_name` AS `first_name`,
        `e`.`gender` AS `gender`,
        `e`.`email` AS `email`, `e`.`phone` AS `phone`, `e`.`age` AS `age`,
        `e`.`version` AS `version`, `e`.`evaluation_status` AS `evaluation_status`,
        `e`.`ip_address` AS `ip_address`, `e`.`date_created` AS `date_created`,
        `e`.`date_updated` AS `date_updated`
    FROM  `evaluation_client` AS `e`
       AND  `e`.`date_created` >= 2018-11-11
       AND  `e`.`date_created` <= 2018-11-18;

From the answers and comment i also tried the below query but still it's taking 3 minutes to load the data is it normal? How can i make it faster?

SELECT  `e`.`id` AS `id`, `e`.`first_name` AS `first_name`,
        `e`.`gender` AS `gender`,
        `e`.`email` AS `email`, `e`.`phone` AS `phone`, `e`.`age` AS `age`,
        `e`.`version` AS `version`, `e`.`evaluation_status` AS `evaluation_status`,
        `e`.`ip_address` AS `ip_address`, `e`.`date_created` AS `date_created`,
        `e`.`date_updated` AS `date_updated`
    FROM  `evaluation_client` AS `e`
        `e`.`date_created` >= unix_timestamp("2015-11-11")
       AND  `e`.`date_created` <= unix_timestamp("2015-11-19")

       `e`.`date_created` DESC;
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    What is the data type of date_created ??? – RolandoMySQLDBA Nov 18 '18 at 17:53
  • @RolandoMySQLDBA int – DojoDev Nov 18 '18 at 18:29
  • How many rows in the result? Please provide SHOW CREATE TABLE evaluation_client . – Rick James Nov 19 '18 at 17:42

(This is why we asked for the datatype of date_created!)

Assuming date_created is a TIMESTAMP:

2018-11-11 is an arithmetic expression that evaluates to 1996; certainly not what you wanted.

"2018-11-11" (with quotes) will compare correctly to 1446976737.

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(ts_column) will generate something like 1446976737, so it should work correctly. But don't "hide a column in a function".

As for

`e`.`date_created` AS `date_created`

Since the alias (AS...) does not do anything extra, leave it off. I am worried that

AND  `e`.`date_created`

will look at the alias, not the value. It needs to look at the value to use this:


Do you have that index?

By using >= and <= you are including midnight from both ends; did you intend to do that?

WHERE AND is syntactically incorrect. Did you leave some stuff out? It may be important. If you have

WHERE x = 1
  AND date_created ...

then a better index would be

INDEX(x, date_created)

1446976737 dates back a few years:

mysql> SELECT FROM_UNIXTIME(1446976737), UNIX_TIMESTAMP("2018-11-11");
| FROM_UNIXTIME(1446976737) | UNIX_TIMESTAMP("2018-11-11") |
| 2015-11-08 01:58:57       |                   1541923200 |

When you can't figure out what to do, here's a hint: See what you get from SELECT * FROM tbl. Then put quotes around something in that format. In the case of a TIMESTAMP column, you will get something like

2015-11-08 01:58:57

So, you need date_created = "2015-11-08 01:58:57"

Assuming date_created is INT:

Either of these is a valid way to compare:

date_created >= 1446976737
date_created >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP("2015-11-08 01:58:57")

It is still valid, and wise, to have the index(es) mentioned above.

  • I tried all of the above tricks none worked. I even tried the below SELECT e.id` AS id, e.first_name AS first_name, e.gender AS gender, e.email AS email, e.phone AS phone, e.age AS age, e.version AS version, e.evaluation_status AS evaluation_status, e.ip_address AS ip_address, e.date_created, e.date_updated AS date_updated FROM evaluation_client AS e WHERE e.date_created = "1446976737";` – DojoDev Nov 18 '18 at 18:25
  • @DojoDev - I was wrong. Just add quotes around 2018-11-11. (Fixed my Answer.) – Rick James Nov 18 '18 at 19:54
  • in table we have entries for dates like 1446976737 which is unix timestamp and datatype for these fields is int and I'm comparing input like 2015-11-08 so putting quotes around "2015-11-08" will compare correctly? – DojoDev Nov 19 '18 at 6:20
  • check my updated question please. – DojoDev Nov 19 '18 at 7:02
  • Grrr... I needed to know that it was INT instead of TIMESTAMP. See my update. If there are still issues, please provide a current SHOW CREATE TABLE, and EXPLAIN SELECT .... – Rick James Nov 20 '18 at 4:19

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