I am currently using

SELECT FORMAT (getdate(), 'MM/dd/yyyy, hh:mm:ss tt') as date

The output is in the format I need, but is off by 6 hours.

05/30/2019, 06:26:01 PM

I just need to add 6 hours to it. been using dateadd, but I keep loosing the format I need it to be on.

SELECT DATEADD(Hours,6,GETDATE()) outputs in wrong format

  • So, why don't you combine the two?: SELECT FORMAT(DATEADD(Hours,6,GETDATE()), 'MM/dd/yyyy, hh:mm:ss tt') AS date ; – ypercubeᵀᴹ May 30 at 16:35
  • Or change the server to the desired timezone... – Jonathan Fite May 30 at 17:03
  • Thanks, I figured that is what I needed to do. just cant do it right, thanks – lviz May 31 at 9:51

You need to call the DATEADD function inside the FORMAT function:

SELECT FORMAT( DATEADD(HOUR, 6, GETDATE()), 'MM/dd/yyyy, hh:mm:ss tt') as date
Declare @dt datetime ;
select @dt=  DATEADD(Hour,6,GETDATE())
SELECT FORMAT (@dt, 'MM/dd/yyyy, hh:mm:ss tt') as date

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