i have very hugh table , around 100 M records and 100 GB in a dump file , when i try to restore it it to a different DB i get sql query lost connection , i want to try and dump this table into chunks (something like 10 chinks of 10 GB) where each chink will be in seperate table. what i managed to optimized so far is this :

mysqldump --skip-triggers --compact --no-create-info --single-transaction --quick --max_allowed_packet 1G  -h {host} -u {user} -P 3306 -p{pwasword} {my_schema} {}> /mnt/datadir/{table_name}.sql

and now the output is that i have 1 file {table_name}.sql i na size of 100 GB i want to get 10 files in sizes of 10 GB each


You can use primary key to specify to dump only id in those range

mysqldump -u root -p db_name table_name --where='id  < 10000' > test1.sql
mysqldump -u root -p db_name table_name --where='id between 10000 and 20000' > test2.sql
 mysqldump -u root -p db_name table_name --where='id between 900000 and 1000000' > test11.sql

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