Oracle Database 12c Red Hat Linux 7

I want to delete the last 1000 records on the Oracle table user_scheduler_job_run_details because it is getting too large. How best to delete rows from the Oracle table user_scheduler_job_run_details? Are any precautions needed? Is it simply a matter of doing a DELETE FROM ... DML statement? Is there an existing job or procedure that handles this?


You can specify it in days, not number of rows.


By default, the Scheduler automatically purges all rows in the job log and window log that are older than 30 days. The PURGE_LOG procedure is used to purge additional rows from the job and window log.


This specifies how much history (in days) to keep. The valid range is 0 - 1000000. If set to 0, no history is kept.

   log_history             IN PLS_INTEGER  DEFAULT 0,
   which_log               IN VARCHAR2     DEFAULT 'JOB_AND_WINDOW_LOG',
   job_name                IN VARCHAR2     DEFAULT NULL);

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