I want you to filter the rows between a date range but I only want you to return the rows of a time range of each of the days included in the previous date range.

For example, you would like to filter out all the rows between March 1 and March 3, 2020 and also only those between 14:00 and 18:00.

So far I can filter between two dates or between two hours but it doesn't work when I put the two things together. I don't get any records.

and BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME BETWEEN to_date('19/04/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY') AND to_date('20/04/2020','DD/MM/YYYY')
and BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME BETWEEN to_date('15:00:00', 'HH24:MI:SS') AND to_date('16:00:00','HH24:MI:SS')


SQL> select snap_id, begin_interval_time, end_interval_time from dba_hist_snapshot
     where begin_interval_time between date'2020-04-19' and date'2020-04-22'
     and begin_interval_time between trunc(begin_interval_time, 'DD') + 14/24 and trunc(begin_interval_time, 'DD') + 18/24
     order by 1;

---------- ------------------------- -------------------------
        68 19-APR-20 PM 19-APR-20 PM
        69 19-APR-20 PM 19-APR-20 PM
        70 19-APR-20 PM 19-APR-20 PM
        71 19-APR-20 PM 19-APR-20 PM
        92 20-APR-20 PM 20-APR-20 PM
        93 20-APR-20 PM 20-APR-20 PM
        94 20-APR-20 PM 20-APR-20 PM
        95 20-APR-20 PM 20-APR-20 PM
       116 21-APR-20 PM 21-APR-20 PM
       117 21-APR-20 PM 21-APR-20 PM
       118 21-APR-20 PM 21-APR-20 PM
       119 21-APR-20 PM 21-APR-20 PM

12 rows selected.
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