I want to query a jsonb column with the @> operator.

This query gives results:

select * from json_table1
where p_attribute @> '{"age":"37"}'

This query doesn't fail but also doesn't give results:

select * from json_table1
where p_attribute -> 'age' @> '37'::jsonb

The table used in the example:

create table json_table1 (
    p_id int primary key,
    first_name varchar(20),
    last_name varchar(20),
    p_attribute jsonb,
    quote_content text

The index on p_attribute:

create index gin_idx on json_table1 using gin(p_attribute jsonb_path_ops)

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Since "37" is a string, not a number, your second query would have to use a jsonb string:

... WHERE p_attribute -> 'age' @> '"37"'::jsonb

Note the double quotes around 37.

Also note that this query wouldn't be able to use the index, while the first query can.

  • Why doesn't the second query use the index? Is there a way I can index keys and values seperately so I can text search like I would with to_tsquery? Jun 4, 2020 at 13:50
  • Yes, then you have to add a regular B-tree index on json_table1 ((p_attribute -> 'age')). Obviously such an index can only be used for WHERE conditions on that expression. Jun 4, 2020 at 14:12

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